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Amos Emerson Dolbear

Souhrn (1837-1910)

Americký fyzik a vynálezce.

Modes of motion (Způsoby pohybu) - 1897

or Mechanical conceptions of physical phenomena (nebo mechanické pojetí fyzikálních jevů)

… ether is a continuous substance, without interstices ; that it fills space completely …
… it is thought by some persons to be not improbable that the atoms of matter are minute vortex rings of ether in the ether. That which distinguishes the atom from the ether is the form of motion which is embodied in it; and if the motion simply were arrested, there would be nothing to distinguish the atom that was from the ether it dissolved into. In other words, such a conception makes the atoms of matter a form of motion of the ether, and not a created something put into the ether.
… ether is a frictionless medium, and does not transform mechanical motion into heat.
… only motions of one sort or another, at one rate or another; and there is nothing more mysterious which enters into the processes.
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