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Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri

Cosmic Ether, Possessing Electric-Tension and Magnetic-Resistance, Is the Unified Field for Physics - 2021 (Vesmírný éter mající elektrické napětí a magnetický odpor je sjednocené pole pro fyziku)

… physics is already and effectively unified by the energetic tension field, ether. We identify this integrating power of ether first, by re-defining the action generating parameters of this energetic tension field as the electric-tension, $ε_0^{-1}$, and the magnetic-resistance, $μ_0$, while re-deriving the Maxwell’s wave equation in analogy with the mechanically stretched string, where the $c_0^2=ε_0^{-1}/μ_0$. Then, replacing $c_0^2$ by $ε_0^{-1}/μ_0$ and $m_0$ by $E/c_0^2=E(µ_0/ε_0^{-1})$, one can find that almost all working physics theories are being energized by $ε_0^{-1}$ and $μ_0$. To complete the unification, we can now postulate that the particles are also freely propagating EM waves, but they are spatially localized as in-phase, close-looped (IP-CL) vortex-like propagation modes of ether. Because of their IP-CL mode structure, they have space-finite spatial structures and remain spatially stationary in the absence of any spatially influencing potential gradients (forces) in their vicinity.
… the universe is one continuum.
… old ether is, most likely, the best unifying field for us. We ourselves are just bundles of oscillating, or dancing, excited states of ether!
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